What You Should Know Before Signing up with IQ Option in UAE?

IQ Option In UAE

What You Should Know Before Signing up with IQ Option in UAE?

IQ Option in UAE is considered to be one of the greatest online brokers for commencing out a trade with options trading. It is an efficient and fast mode of executing trade and commerce. It not only provides you with an intuitive trading platform but also has the facility of low spreads and great customer services. This platform is recommended to all levels, starting from the beginners to the advanced ones. They have a long-standing tradition. They provide us a trading platform that is highly sophisticated yet very easy to operate. IQ Option platform can be used as a mobile, desktop version, or web app. The withdrawal process is fast and reliable. Starting up with IQ Option in the UAE is very easy and here are a few things to know before stepping into the trading industry.

IQ Option In UAE

  • How to open an IQ Option trading account in the UAE?


Opening an IQ Option trading account is extremely easy. Here are a few simple steps which need to follow:

  • Go to the official IQ Option website.
  • On the right side of the IQ Option platform website, you will find an account opening form.
  • Fill up all the personal details that have been asked and also properly check the terms and conditions option before signing up.
  • Then, you can click on “Open an account for free” button.
  • After all the above procedures have been done, a verification link will be sent to you by IQ Option to the email address that you’ve provided to them.


  • A detailed study of the different types of technical research tools present:

Several charting tools are provided by the online trading platform of IQ Option. These tools help the traders to predict the future movements coming up in the market. The tools include hollow candles, candles, areas, bars, and lines. These tools give you the liberty to have a knowledge of the market and thus planning your next move accordingly. Hence, a detailed study should be done before stepping into IQ Option trading.


  • Signing up with IQ options:


The easiest way of signing up with IQ Option is through the mode of Google, Google, or by the use of your email id. An IQ Option demo account with a $10,000 sum of virtual money will be provided to you just after signing up with your username and password.


  • Methods of deposit:


A wide range of deposit methods is offered by IQ Option. Money can be deposited by credit or debit cards like Maestro, MasterCard, or Visa. Other payment processors such as Cash U, Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, and Moneybookers are also available. Wire Transfer methods can also be used for depositing money but it might take up to 3 to 5 days and some bank fees.


  • Methods of withdrawal:


The withdrawal method while trading with IQ Option in the UAE depends on the type of deposit method that you have chosen. If the deposit is carried out from a card, then you can withdraw the initial deposit through a card. A huge sum of profit can be withdrawn through an e-wallet like Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, or via a bank transfer. Similarly, if an e-wallet deposit is done, then the withdrawal can be done through the same e-wallet account.


  • Is trading with IQ Option in the UAE banned?


No, IQ Option is not banned in the UAE. There are several countries that do not have the access to IQ Option like the United States. This is due to the stricter guidelines and limitations imposed on the people. Some other countries which do not have access to IQ Option due to similar restrictions are Canada, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Iran, Latvia, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, etc.


  • Is the IQ Option platform genuine?


IQ Option is for sure a genuine online broker in UAE. It is one of the highly trusted companies in the trading industry. They not only have a sophisticated trading platform but also have a responsive customer support system, which will make your trading experience a great one. The simple and subtle functioning of this broker makes it ideal for traders at all levels of experience.


  • Is IQ Option in UAE a safe platform to trade?


Trading with IQ option online broker company is extremely safe. It is governed by a reupdated regulatory body in the trading industry. The IQ Option platform provides full encryption. All of the communication happenings between the broker and the trader is encrypted by highly developed encryption measures. To date, no such public report of hacking has been reported on this platform. Several measures have been implemented which help encrypt all the web traffic in between the servers and the computer system used by the trader. and their servers. This method helps ensure that none of the clients’ details are led out.

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