Trading Video : EUR/GBP Binary Trade – Profit of USD 2500

Trading Video : EUR/GBP Binary Trade – Profit of USD 2500

Hey guys, it’s already October in 2018, and I just can’t believe how fast time has literally gone by. Feels like 2018 just started and we are already at the tail-end of it, I hope that you’ve achieved most of what you had set out to at the beginning of this year.


If financial freedom and earning a decent income trading was on your to-do list and you have yet to hit your goals for the year – check out this following video where I trade on a LIVE screen recording to show you how you too could be trading profitably just like I do.

I cannot tell you how much my life has truly changed knowing that all of my debts and worries are taken care of. Knowing that you can stop working at any time of your choosing is truly satisfying.

IQ Option Review 2018 | IQ Option Signup | Marketpotentials.comTRADE ANALYSIS

From the video, you can see that the decision to enter the trade was made on EUR/GBP forex (Binary Trade-OTC) chart-weakness. I identified the weakness correctly, and I positioned the trade entry with a capital of USD 3000. Subsequently, when the binary trade window expired, I pocketed a cool USD 2550 or 85% of capital invested! It really is as simple as that, and you too could be trading profitably just like I did.

As you could see quite clearly, I made over USD 2500 in a matter of minutes trading on IQ Option, and to be frank I’m really no genius. All you need is a little basic understanding of chart reading and trading strategies. You could learn this easily by getting my Binary Options Mastery’ E-Book for just USD 49 along with a whole bunch of other bonuses thrown in to get you going to trade profitably in no time. The entire E-Book is written in a truly easy to understand manner, that will teach you all about the trading signals and markers you would need to look out for before entering a trade to be profitable. The basics you’d learn from this E-Book will definately make you a better trader and investor.

And now for LIMITED TIME only, you can get the ‘Binary Options Mastery E-Book’ for FREE, yes I did say FREE, when you simply signup for an IQ Option trading account and deposit a minimum of USD 10, yes it’s really that simple. Check out this limited time Special Offer HERE.

Read the comprehensive IQ Option REVIEW HERE.

IQ Option Review 2018 | IQ Option Signup | Marketpotentials.comMy main aim to to make you just as profitable as I am, I am an ardent believer that teaching what I know to traders brings a lot more satisfaction than sitting in front of a computer staring at the screen. I hope you find this useful and take the required steps to ensure your financial freedom going forward.

Best of luck !

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