Trading video : EUR/CAD Forex Trade (Profit of USD 324 in 5 minutes)

Trading video : EUR/CAD Forex Trade (Profit of USD 324 in 5 minutes)

Hey there guys !

So I’m continuing with my 3rd LIVE TRADING video today – showcasing today’s (16 April 2018) forex trade in the EUR/CAD currency pair.

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You can watch my EUR/CAD forex trade being performed LIVE in the below video :

So the rational for this forex trade is listed below :

  1. The EUR/CAD currency pair had been beaten down a fair bit in a matter of about 12 hours – hence the higher potential uptick for a correction. The trick is in timing to ride it at an opportune time.
  2. My usual technical indictors that I employ are – RSI (Relative Strength Indicator), MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence), AO (Awesome Oscillator), Bollinger Band all indicated that an upswing was on the way (or forming up)
  3. There was no major news or announcement to indicate that the currency pair would be beaten down further

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