IQ Option Indonesia : EUR/AUD Binary Trade – Profit of USD 850

IQ Option Indonesia : EUR/AUD Binary Trade – Profit of USD 850

Good evening fellow traders !

It’s Wednesday, the 17 October 2018 and I’m in Jakarta – Indonesia. I just called it a day, after doing a short binary trade video on the EUR/AUD forex pair on my IQ Option platform.

You can watch my LIVE trading video below where I made a gain of USD 850 trading the EUR/AUD forex binary option in a matter of minutes !


You can see from the video that the entry to the binary options trade was timed when the chart showed a sgnificant temporary strength in the RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) and also reflected in the Bollinger Bands of the chart. From the previous patterns in the chart, I had correctly identified that this was a temporary situation and that the forex pair would correct itself. One of the things I love the most about trading on the IQ Option platform, is that their intuitive trading platform presents all the necessary data and information required to make an informed trading decision and is made available for free to traders.

The timing to enter the binary trade was also correct as I entered the trade with a couple of seconds to the window closing. Thereafter the wait in the 30 seconds window showed the expected outcome with the forex pair weakening and ending at a lower level, at the end of the 30 seconds trade window – therefore netting a cool USD 850 out of a capital invested of USD 1000 (A 85% margin of return).

As you can see it really is not that hard to make profitable and consistent returns on Binary Options as I have all these years and I hope that watching the above video has given you the confidence to trade and attain financial freedom just as I have. We also provide IQ Option in Indonesia.


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