Trading video : AUD/USD LIVE Forex Trade Video

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Trading video : AUD/USD LIVE Forex Trade Video

Hey guys so I have heard from quite a number of people via emails, messages on Quora etc. to share some more details of how I do my trades and I have decided that the best way to walk through it is to create a series of videos to show you how I exactly do I do that.

These videos are created in a live trading environment on the IQ Option platform which I use, and I will endeavor to share as much as I can in them. If you have any questions please post it below in the comment section or drop me a note at

Part I : Trade initiation

Part II : Closing the trade

As you can see from the videos above, day trading forex can be profitable as long as one sticks to a strict and regimental money and risk management strategy and has a working knowledge of technical analysis. Following global news and markets are also critical in order to avoid having shocking fallouts or swings that one did not anticipate.

However one of the main reasons I made the video is to show that trading and profitting from forex is very much possible, so don’t let the naysayers hold you back !

Choosing the right broker also can make lots of difference for a day trader going forward and for that reason I have been with IQ Option as a preferred broker for over 7 years now and have no major hangups, They also offer one of the lowest commission rates in both for forex and cryptocurrencies trades. You can open a free account HERE 

Happy trading !

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