Making Money Trading Binary Options in Malaysia

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Making Money Trading Binary Options in Malaysia

Now you may have heard of countless people in Malaysia who have made a tremendous amount of money trading. Most people trade forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks etc. But did you also know that you can also stand to make some pretty impressive returns by trading binary options?

Binary options is actually one of the more lucrative types of instruments to trade – offering returns of upwards of 80% or more pert trade. In fact in some trades you could even make returns of 95% on your investment. Let that sink in for a bit – that’s 95% Return on Investment (ROI) on your trades. In other words, yes you could literally be doubling your money with every single trade that you make successfully!

Read on in this article to find out how you too could do the same by trading binary options from Malaysia starting today!

What is Binary Options?

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In simple terms, Binary Option trading inMalaysia, means that you’re trading on an underlying asset. Binary Options trading in Malaysia offers a means of a fast and extremely simple financial instrument that allows Malaysian investors to speculate on whether the price of an underlying asset will go UP or DOWN in the future.

These underlying assets when trading binary options could range from forex currency pairs (i.e. USD/CAD, EUR/GBP etc), stocks (i.e. Google, Apple), cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or even gold and silver amongst other trading instruments. The timeframe for Binary Option trades can span can be as little as 30 seconds, making it possible to trade hundreds of times per day across any global market from the comfort of your home in Malaysia in no time at all!

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Is it safe to trade Binary Options from Malaysia?

Trading with a reputable broker is something we at are very big on. We only partner with reputable, proven and regulated brokers and make such recommendations only after using them ourselves!

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Although there are no current binary option brokers operating in Malaysia, you can trade with IQ Options – which is one the biggest binary option trading broker in the world – with presence in over 200+ countries worldwide. Furthermore IQ Options Europe is fully regulated with EU (European Union) financial authorities, such as CySEC Cyprus (a financial regulator similar to Bank Negara Malaysia in Europe). For a full review of IQ Options platform check out IQ Options Comprehensive Review 2020.

IQ Options also has various approvals to conduct trading from various regulatory bodies over the world, hence why over 40million traders worldwide trust and continue to trade with IQ Options on a daily basis.

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How much can you make trading Binary Options in Malaysia?

Well how does ‘UNLIMITED’ sound? Yes we mean it! And unlike other trading instruments such as forex or stocks, where you’d often have to buy an instrument and hold it for hours, or days to see any profitable return on investment (ROI) – with Binary Options trading, you could literally be making returns of upwards of 80% in just 30 seconds!

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That’s right! The beauty of trading binary options is that it is able to yield a significant ROI (Return on Investment) in a very short time period unlike with trading other types of instruments.

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How to Trade Binary Options from Malaysia?

To get started with Binary Options trading, all you got to do is sign up for a free IQ Option trading account by clicking on the link below. The signup process is quick and simple, and after a quick verification process – you’re all set to trade! Fancy earning returns of uptown 95% on your trade? Well, you can do exactly that with binary options trading!

IQ Option Review 2020

For traders new to Binary Options trading, real-life experience MATTERS as not everything especially when it comes to emotions and decision-making under pressure can be emulated in a demo account. Let’s not sugar-coat it, you will likely lose your initial USD 10 – but the lessons you learn from it will last you a life-time!

You can then start to implement waht you have learn about real-life trading in your next deposit and start improving your trading pattern. That’s how we got to where we are today – the ability to plonk USD 2000 on a single trade knowing that chances are we would make the 86% ROI (Return on Investment) on the trade.

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How to Make Deposits & Withdrawals on IQ Options from Malaysia

Now you’re probably wondering how you can fund your trading account from Malaysia – deposits can be made easily with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc) or various electronic payment channels such as Skrill, Neteller or Webmoney which you can sign up for free, and allow you to instantly deposit your money to fund your trading account.

In addition IQ Options is the only binary option broker in the world with direct partnerships with Malaysian based banks such as CIMB, Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, Ambank, RHB etc. which means you can literally just transfer money from you bank account to fund your trading account in an instant and vice versa.

IQ Option Deposit Malaysia

Deposits with IQ Option start as low as just USD 10 (approx RM 40), and each individual trades can be as low as USD 1 (approx RM4). Whilst we recommend you start off on the FREE Demo trading account to get a feel of the platform and the trading nature of things; we do strongly encourage you to make your first deposit of USD 10 to get a feel of real-life trading.

For traders new to Binary Options trading, real-life experience MATTERS as not everything especially when it comes to emotions and decision-making under pressure can be emulated in a demo account. Check out a REAL-LIFE trade in the Youtube video below to see how we trade at

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How to Trade Binary Options Profitably from Malaysia

Trading profitably means that as a trade you do have to put in some work and time to come up with the best trading strategy that you can employ over a period of time. Profitably binary options trades means a number of things such as:

Knowing your own state of mind – Trading with a clear head with clearly defined goals. I.e. I want to make a return of 40% today of my invested capital of USD 500 means that you know exactly what you want to achieve before you even start trading. This allows you to plan your next steps carefully.

Know what to trade – Depending on your risk appetite or tolerance as well as experience and knowledge, you may choose to trade with forex, cryptocurrency or if you’re new binary options. Binary Options trading is actually relatively easier to understand and execute for a new trader as you only have to do one thing – predict the direction of trade correctly – i.e. select Higher or Lower accordingly.

Knowledge – Profitable traders have an understand of technical analysis (i.e. using charts and indicators to make trading decisions). You can learn more about this by simply subscribing to our Youtube channel for FREE Video trading tutorials or simple check out Investopedia or other online resources for some idea of what it involves.

Trading Binary Options from Malaysia | Conclusion

We hope the article above has given you a clear idea of how you can use binary option trading as a tool to earn an income and accumulate wealth by trading. If you’re ready to get started with your FREE IQ Option trading account – simply sign up for your free trading account by clicking below.

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