IQ Option Sri Lanka | Proven Binary Option Trading Sri Lanka

Binary Option Sri Lanka

IQ Option Sri Lanka | Proven Binary Option Trading Sri Lanka

Looking to get started with IQ Option Sri Lanka to trade Binary Option from Sri Lanka and start earning literally thousands of dollars per trade in PROFITS? Well you have certainly come to the right place at – the world’s biggest resource on how you can trade Binary Option successfully online – no matter where you are!

In this comprehensive article, we have put together all the resources you’d need to get started to trade Binary Option from Sri Lanka in no time at all – and most importantly to also recommend the best suitable brokers and trading options for traders from Sri Lanka to get started trading binary option in an easy, quick and safe manner.

IQ Option Sri Lanka | Binary Option Sri Lanka

As we have had a number of queries from our Sri Lankan readers and traders on the IQ Option Platform. This easy to understand and quick article will explain all you need to know to open your FREE IQ Option Account and start trading in no time at all!

What is IQ Option Sri Lanka?

IQ Option Sri Lanka is one of the world’s biggest binary option brokers around today. IQ Option is currently available in over 200+ countries worldwide including Sri Lanka. More than 40 million traders regularly use the platform daily to trade various instruments such as forex, binary option, commodities, CFDs and various other instruments.

IQ Option is also a fully regulated broker in the European Union and several other countries. It also boasts one of the most intuitive and easy to use trading platforms available on the market today. In fact IQ Option has won several awards as being the most beginner friendly platform in recent years.

For a FULL REVIEW on IQ Option as a Broker – do check out our in-depth article over here.

STEP 1 : Sign up for a FREE Account | IQ Option Sri Lanka


Click on the button below and sign up for a FREE IQ Option Trading Account today from Sri Lanka.

IQ Option is one of the largest and most well-known binary and forex trading platform in the world today. It is also regulated according to European Union laws & regulation when it comes to brokerage activites and this certainly helps when it comes to any disputes and ensuring that the brokers activities are all within the financial and securities laws. Check out our comprehensive IQ Option Review 2020 article written for further details if you’d like.

IQ Option Sri Lanka

STEP 2 : Account Verification | IQ Option Sri Lanka

binary option Sri lanka

Every new IQ Option trading account must be verified. This is one of the requirements set by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), which is IQ Option’s main regulator in the European Union. Although most traders find the account verification process irritating and time-consuming, it’s to their advantage. Also, it’s a one-time process.

Two reasons why account verification is necessary are:

  1. CySEC can only compensate traders who can prove they had deposited funds with the broker in case it goes under. A verified account is all you need.
  2. Account verification allows IQ Option to adhere to international laws that prevent money laundering.

The account verification process involves the following steps :

Email verification | IQ Option Sri Lanka

This is a very straight forward method of verifing the email you used for signing up an account. A link will be sent to you after you have completed the initial signup. Just go ahead and click the link in the email sent from IQ Option to ensure that you’re using a valid email address, and you’re good to go.

Binary Option Sri Lanka
IQ Option Sri Lanka | Email Verification Process

Phone number Verification | IQ Option Sri Lanka

Phone number verification will involve keying in a code sent by IQ Option when asked to. This ensures that you’re in possession of a valid phone number used to sign up for the IQ Option trading account. This is also quite straight-forward.

Binary Option Sri Lanka
IQ Option Sri Lanka | Phone number Verification Process

Identity Verification | IQ Option Sri Lanka

This will involve proving a valid identification document to prove you are basically who you say you are. As the entire sign up process is done online, this is a key step of validating your IQ Option trading account successfully. The use of any national identification cards, passports or a driving licence is allowed. If you’re from Sri Lanka, the all you have to provide are screenshots of your National Identification Card (NIC) to complete this part.

Binary Option Sri Lanka
IQ Option Sri Lanka | Identity Verification Process

After you have completed all of the above and completed the sign-up and verification process succesfully, all you have to do is wait approximately 24 hours for the IQ Option team to verify everything is in order. From experience though, it’s actually a lot faster than that. Once your identify has been verified, you’d be sent an email informing the same and your account is active for live-trading immediately.

IQ Option Sri Lanka

STEP 3 : Making a Deposit | IQ Option Sri Lanka

Now that you are all set-up with your brand new powerful trading account, it’s time to put it to good use and start earning some serious cash. You’d have to start by funding your trading account with a deposit to start trading in binary options, stocks, forex etc. The minimum deposit is only USD 10 or just LKR 1750 to start with.

IQ Option Sri Lanka | Funding your trading account

You can easily do this by using a valid credit card or debit card (Mastercard/Visa). There are no additional surchages for using cards to top-up your trading account.

You could also fund your account using various electronic wallets that is supported, such as Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney and various others. These allow you to use these services and tie it to your own credit card or bank account in Sri Lanka.

IQ Option Sri Lanka | Binary Option Sri Lanka
Various supported deposit methods offered | Binary Option Sri Lanka

Alternatively you could also fund your trading account via making a wire-transfer. This would be best for bigger amounts of deposit for security and verification purposes.

Deposits made via debit/credit cards as well as electronic wallets are available instantly in your trading account for trading. Wire Transfers deposits into your IQ Option trading account would take approximately about 24 hours to be reflected before your could trade using those funds.

That’s it – you’re good to go ! Take action and start trading on the world’s best Binary Option Trading Platform today. Check out the following video where I literally made USD 3000 (or over HKD 23,500) in PURE PROFITS in just 5 minutes trading on IQ Option.

IQ Option Sri Lanka

How to Start Trading Profitably with IQ Option Sri Lanka?

iq option sri lankaTrading profitably with IQ Option Sri Lanka does require that you do have to put in some work and time to come up with the best trading strategy that you can employ over a period of time. Profitably binary option trades involves a number of things such as:

  • Knowing your own state of mind – Trading with a clear head with clearly defined goals. I.e. I want to make a return of 40% today of my invested capital of USD 500 means that you know exactly what you want to achieve before you even start trading. This allows you to plan your next steps carefully.
  • Know what to trade – Depending on your risk appetite or tolerance as well as experience and knowledge, you may choose to trade with forex, cryptocurrency or if you’re new binary options. Binary Options trading is actually relatively easier to understand and execute for a new trader as you only have to do one thing – predict the direction of trade correctly – i.e. select Higher or Lower accordingly.
  • Knowledge – Profitable traders have an understand of technical analysis (i.e. using charts and indicators to make trading decisions). You can learn more about this by simply subscribing to our Youtube channel for FREE Video trading tutorials or simple check out Investopedia or other online resources for some idea of what it involves.

Conclusion | Trading with IQ Option Sri Lanka

We hope the article and the video tutorial above has given you a clear idea of how you can use binary option trading as a tool to earn an income and accumulate wealth by trading. If you’re ready to get started with your FREE IQ Option trading account – simply sign up for your free trading account by clicking below.

Here’s to your trading success with IQ Option Sri Lanka!

IQ Option Sri Lanka

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