IQ Option Review | GBP/AUD Binary Option Strategy – Profit of USD 1275

IQ Option Review | IQ Option Review 2019

IQ Option Review | GBP/AUD Binary Option Strategy – Profit of USD 1275

Hey there guys,

Welcome back to another LIVE trading session with I hope you’re all in good health and have been making profitable trades recently.

Today I’d be featuring a LIVE video session recorded on 12 November 2018 on the IQ Option platform. The trade was a classic Binary Option trade on the GBP/AUD forex pair. There were two binary option trades done within 5 minutes and both were profitable and together they yielded a profit of USD 1275.

You can checkout the LIVE IQ Option trading video below :

IQ Option Review 2018 | IQ Option Signup | Marketpotentials.comTRADE SUMMARY

There were two trades executed, first with a capital outlay of USD 1000 and the second with a capital outlay of USD 500. The reason I used USD 500 for the second trade is a part of risk mitigation strategy that I often employ. As I was already up USD 850 (profit from the first trade), even if I did lose the second trade, I’d still be up USD 350 should things go sideways.

This is an important lesson as I always try my best to keep my subsequent trades smaller to preserve my capital using the initial profit of a first trade. This gives me more than two to three chances of getting the second trade right (depending on the amount). On the other hand, if I had also plonked USD 1000 into the second trade, should the trade turn out to be a loss, I’d have lost all of my profit (USD 850) from the first successful binary option trade AND ALSO be down USD 150 from my trading capital.

Capital Preservation is the cornerstone of being a successful trader and I can’t stress this enough. Learn to preserve your capital and you’d be on your way to being a consistently profitable trader.

You can read more about the various Risk Mitigation strategies and the various technical indicators I have employed in this binary trading video by getting the exclusive ‘Forex Risk Management’ E-Book. It offers various insider tips on how to use technical indicators succesfully in binary options trading, how you can maximize profits and keep your losses to a minimal. If you’re looking to the answer to the very important question of – How can I spot opportunities in Binary Option Trading? Then do check out the ‘Binary Option Mastery E-Book’ which attempts to do exactly that!

Binary Options Mastery |

Binary Options Mastery |

Forex Risk Management |

Forex Risk Management |









Another important takeaway from this video is knowing when to trade and when to stay on the sidelines. I always only enter my binary option trades when I am almost absolutely certain that I have done everything I can to ensure that the chances of being successful have been maximised and that any potential chance for loss is kept at a minimal. This is important as trading binary options has a close correlation with timing – and often this can make all the difference between winning or losing the trade.

If you’d like to start trading just like I do and start making REAL MONEY that WILL definitately change your life, just sign up for a FREE IQ Option Account today.

IQ Option Review 2018 | IQ Option Signup | Marketpotentials.comI wish you all the very best in your trading endeavours and I wish you all success!

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