IQ Option Malaysia | Approved Binary Option Trading Malaysia

IQ Option Review 2019. IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia | Approved Binary Option Trading Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia offers Malaysian based traders an option to start trading the very profitable Binary Option instruments. The IQ Option platform is currently the number one platform to trade binary option instruments around the world that’s trusted by over 40+ million traders worldwide. IQ Option Malaysia is one of the most established and reputable binary option brokers in the world.

IQ Option as an international broker is now present in over 200+ countries worldwide with millions of traders using it every day. IQ Option is also  a fully regulated trading platform in Europe under countries such as United Kingdom and Cyprus (by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission) amongst others, which means that it’s completely safe to use for traders from Malaysia as well.

You can check out our comprehensive review on IQ Option as a broker and IQ Option Malaysia’s trading platform here.

In today’s article and a LIVE Trading video we will be doing a quick IQ Option Malaysia Review in time for 2020 which is just round the corner now.

As our team is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the moment for a little work and I’m trading right from my hotel room. If you’re looking to make the most of your money and grow your investment but have not started trading – today would be a great time to start!

You can sign up for a FREE IQ Option Malaysia Trading Account below and be on your way to earning thousands of dollars on the side.

IQ Option Malaysia

Regulated Binary Option Brokers for Malaysia | IQ Option Malaysia

It’s also important to ensure that you only trade with regulated and authorised Binary Option Brokers when you start trading Binary Options – IQ Option Malaysia is one of them. Choosing to trade with IQ Option Malaysia means that you’re choosing a Binary Option broker that is fully authorised and regulated in the European Union and various other countries such as the United Kingdom etc. This goes a long way to ensure that the funds in your trading account are safe and that your broker adheres to set securities and trading laws and regulations accordingly.

For a list of other regulated Binary Option Brokers we recommend you check out the table below to choose a broker that suits your geographical location best.

 Broker NameRegulatedBest Suited ForMin. DepositPayoutsBonus 

IQ Option

Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America$1091%Binary Option Broker

24 Option

Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America$25089%Binary Option Broker


Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America$5095%Binary Option Broker


Australia OnlyAUD10200%AUD50 CashbackBinary Option Broker

IQ Option Malaysia | Live Trading Video

IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia | Deposit & Withdrawal Options

If you’re from Malaysia, IQ Option now also offers direct bank deposit option from your local banks such as Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Hong Leong Bank and others. This means that you can deposit your fund directly and securely into your IQ Option trading account to begin trading immediately. Minimum deposit amount is just USD 10 or just RM 40.

IQ Option MalaysiaImagine that, trading your way to success and dreams from just RM40! So what are you waiting for, sign up today and see exactly how your life could change with a second income from trading.

Binary Option Trading offers some very impressive Return on Investment (ROI) when you start trading with IQ Option Malaysia today. Gaining impressive return on your investments such as 80% or more is not unusual when it comes to trading binary options. If you’re a trader from Malaysia then you too could stand to make these types of returns in no time at all when you start trading today.

As a binary option trader from Malaysia you can also leverage upon the special deposit and withdrawal methods available for IQ Option traders from Malaysia. IQ Option Malaysia has a number of special partnerships with most local banks such as CIMB, Maybank, RHB and various others that would allow you to gain quick deposit and withdrawals from your IQ Option Malaysia trading account.

Withdrawals are also typically processed in under 24 hours allowing you to access your funds in your bank account within typically 3 working days or less as a binary option trader from Malaysia.

IQ Option Malaysia

What is Binary Option Trading Malaysia? | IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia

If you’re a trader from Malaysia and have never heard of binary options trading before, don’t worry, we have broken it down in a quick and easy manner in this of IQ Options Malaysia article below.

Now binary option essentially means you’re trading on an underlying instrument. The underlying instrument can be anything from forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities etc. In binary option trading, you’re predicting the movement of the underlying asset. In other words, you are trading on whether the underlying asset would go up or down in value in a fixed time duration.

The good thing in binary option is that you can trade with a very short time interval of trades. This can be as short as 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or longer. This means that you stand to make over 80% of profit on your trades in less than a minute and you could literally double your money and profit in a matter of minutes. To read more about Binary Option Trading in Malaysia, check out this article.

This is one of the reasons why a number of Malaysian traders have even switched to binary option trading from forex trading in recent times, as it significantly boasts higher return on investment (ROI) per trade as well as you can actually close and pocket a profit in a very very short time compared to forex trading.

IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia | Live Binary Option Trading Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia

In today’s trade we feature a LIVE video session recorded on 27 December on the IQ Option platform. The trade was a classic Binary Option trade on the AUD/JPY forex pair. Two binary option trades were carried out within minutes and they were both profitable and together they netted me a profit of USD 2520 (or more than RM 10,000).

The various technical indicators that I employ in my trades are simple and easy to understand, and can be easily learned with a little time put in. There is no advanced chart reading etc that’s required. The indicators that I mostly employ the Bollinger Bands, RSI (Relative Strength Indicators), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) and AO (Awesome Indicators) to facilliate my trading decisions.

Checkout the LIVE IQ Option Malaysia – Binary Option trade video below.

Consider subscribing to our exclusive Youtube channel that offers various binary option and trading tutorials for free that you can learn from to make profitable trades all year long!

IQ Option Malaysia | Safe for Malaysian Traders?

IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia is a fully regulated and authorised binary option broker in the European Union.

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) does not specifically have any laws or regulations prohibiting binary option trading. The absence of any local based binary option brokers also negates this. However for your ease of mind as pointed out earlier, IQ Options is fully regulated in the European Union (EU) and operates under the stipulated rules and regulations of each country (for example in Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc) it offers its services in.

IQ Option’s services as an authorised binary option broker is offering in more than 200+ countries worldwide with more millions of traders worldwide who trade on this easy to use platform every single day.

In addition the support of local Malaysian banks who can help you fund your trading account easily and without any additional charges also makes it very attractive for you as a Malaysian based trader to start trading binary options with IQ Options.

Hence you can rest assured that Binary Option Trading from Malaysia using our preferred broker IQ Options is your best bet to start with to trade safely and profitably from Malaysia.

For a comprehensive and complete IQ Option Malaysia Review you can check out this article here.

IQ Option Malaysia | Getting started with Binary Options

IQ Option Malaysia

To get started with trading Binary Option with IQ Option Malaysia today, all you have to do is complete a quick verification process using your Malaysian IC or Driving Licence after you sign up with and open up your free IQ Option Trading account from Malaysia today.

To read about how you can make money trading binary option from Malaysia – check out this article.

Once that’s done you have complete and full access to the powerful IQ Option trading platform in an instant. If you’re a trader from Malaysia,  you can get started instantly by clicking on the button below.

IQ Option Malaysia

IQ Option Malaysia Trading Strategy

IQ Option Malaysia

There were two trades executed in the IQ Option Malaysia trading video above, first with a capital outlay of USD 1500 and the second with a capital outlay of USD 2000.

The first binary option trade yielded a return of 72% on capital invested hence giving a profit of USD 1080 in a few seconds after entering the trade.

In the second trade, I traded with a capital of USD 2000 as I was fairly confident of the direction of the trade and hence was willing to risk a little bit more in it. I got a profit of USD 1440 or again 72% return on the capital invested.

In both trades I always timed the entry to trade with just under 10 seconds to the expiry of the binary option trade to enter. I do this simply because the closer to the expiry window I enter the trade, the more time I have to assess the direction of the trade and make a sound decision. It also minimizes the risk of the trade as the timeframe of risk exposure of the trade is kept to a minimal.

Another important takeaway from this video is knowing when to trade and when to stay on the sidelines. I always only enter my binary option trades when I am almost absolutely certain that I have done everything I can to ensure that the chances of being successful have been maximised and that any potential chance for loss is kept at a minimal. This is important as trading binary options has a close correlation with timing – and often this can make all the difference between winning or losing the trade.

With that we’d like to wrap things up and wish you the very best in your trading journey in trading Binary Option from Malaysia in the year 2020 and here’s to your trading success with IQ Option Malaysia!

IQ Option Malaysia | Conclusion

In conclusion, if you’re looking to get started with Binary Option trading in Malaysia – always remember to choose a regulated and approved binary option trading platform. If you’re from Malaysia, then using IQ Option Malaysia is your best choice for it’s the following reasons as detailed below:

  • Regulated and Authorised Binary Option Broker for Malaysian trader
  • Partnership with local Malaysian Banks
  • Fast Withdrawal & Deposit Options
  • Binary Option Trading Returns as high as 90% or more
  • Minimum deposit amount of USD 10 (RM 40)
  • Short trade durations (30 seconds etc.)
  • User Friendly Platform
  • Great for Beginner Traders
  • Free Tutorials on the Platform
  • Free Demo Trading Account
  • Offers Stocks, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies, Binary Option and Forex Trades
  • Could offer more selection of US based stocks to trade


IQ Option Malaysia

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