HighLow Binary | Approved Binary Option Trading Australia

HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary | Approved Binary Option Trading Australia

HighLow Binary – If you’re looking for a way to get started trading Binary Option from Australia in a safe and profitable manner, then choosing the right broker to do your trades with is one of the major decisions you’d have to make. Choosing the right binary option broker can make all the difference in whether the trades you make are profitable, and if you’d be paying reasonable charges on brokerage and other associated charges. In addition the right choice of binary broker would also provide the security of knowing that your funds and trading account are always safe and that your broker is regulated according to the law.

What is Binary Option? | HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary
If you’re a trader from Australia and have never heard of binary options trading before, don’t worry, we’d attempt to explain it to you in this detailed ‘Binary Options Guide for Australians’ in a quick and easy manner.

Binary Option is a essentially a completely electronic or digital method of trading. Trading binary option from Australia can be done easily and without any hassle. You also stand to make some pretty substantial profit from day one as the payouts you’d get from a successful binary option trade can be as high as over 90%! This as you could imagine could make a big difference in most people’s livelihood. In addition trading binary option also does not require that you be a financial or economic genius. All relevant trading information is displayed on the HighLow’s trading platform which is user friendly, and makes trading binary option a breeze.

Now binary option means you’re trading on an underlying instrument. The underlying instrument can be anything from forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities etc. In binary option trading, you’re predicting the movement of the underlying asset. In other words, you are trading on whether the underlying asset would go up or down in value over a fixed time duration.

The significant ROI (Return on Investment) offered by trading binary option is one of the reasons why a number of traders have even switched to binary option trading from forex trading in recent times. This is because trading binary option almost certainly does provide a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) per trade compared to forex trading, as well as the trade itself can be completed in a shorter time frame compared to forex trading.

HighLow Binary

What is HighLow Markets?

HighLow Binary

HighLow Markets is a registered and approved Australian Binary Option broker that allows Australian based binary option traders to trade binary option safely. HighLow’s trading platform is easy to use and intuitive in it’s design nature – which is perfect for beginners to trade with. The information and relevant data for a particular binary option trade is also presented in a simple and easy to read manner, which makes making your trading decision a breeze.

For a full review of HighLow Binary – check out our detailed review piece here.

HighLow Binary | Approved Australian Broker

HighLow BinaryHighLow Binary is also a fully licensed and regulated binary options broker operating under the rules of ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). HighLow Binary holds the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 364264) to conduct it’s business in facilitating binary options trading for Australian based traders. As a trader you’d do well to always only stick to brokers and trading platform that are regulated locally in Australia – such as HighLow Binary, compared to numerous other foreign based brokers who operate under looser regulatory laws, and who do not even have a physical presence in Australia.

Being under the regulatory purview of ASIC requires all licensees, including HighLow to meet strict capital requirements and to implement and comply with internal procedures including things such as risk management, staff training, accounting and audits. All of which combined provides the reassurance and peace of mind for you as an Australian based trader – to know that your deposit in your HighLow Binary trading account is in safe hands, always.

Being regulated under ASIC rules also mean that HighLow strictly follows the segregation of monies methods, ensuring that clients and investors funds are kept separately from the company’s in an authorised Australian bank account, as required by the authorities. Hence there is no risk to your funds when you choose HighLow as your preferred binary option trading platform.

HighLow Markets is widely known in Australia and New Zealand and also does have a following amongst traders in other countries such as Japan and China previously. However recent changes in the securities and trading laws of Australia has meant that HighLow Binary only accept Australian traders for the time being.

HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary Trading Platform

HighLow Binary
HighLow Binary
 as trading platform has also put in a a lot of effort into providing a seamless binary option trading platform for Australians that’s not only user friendly but also packed with features to make your binary option trades as easily as possible.

Amongst other binary option broker’s software, HighLow stands out as it offers an uncluttered view of the platform and its tools, as well as the kind of information provided on it for free.

HighLow‘s trading platform also boasts incredibly powerful data security, utilising only the highest levels of encryption and other technology to secure your data.

HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary Signing Up | Approved Australian Broker

HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary can be easily signed up for by clicking on the button below to complete your signup process. Do note that as mentioned HighLow Binary only currently accepts Australian brokers. You’d have to complete a quick verification process when signing up. Once the signup process is complete, you’d have complete and unfettered access to HighLow Binary‘s powerful and easy to use trading platform.

The signup process is also easy and straightforward. The new account verification process can be done with a photo ID (consisting of either a passport, driver’s license or Government issued Photo ID). With that , you’d also need to provide either a utility bill, bank statement or phone / internet bill to complete and fully verify your HighLow Binary Trading Account.

This can be easily accomplished in under 5minutes and is only a one-time process to gain full access to your HighLow Binary trading account. These rules are as stipulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) and help keep the entire HighLow platform and users safe and secure. Rest assured HighLow also adheres to strict data security laws and regulations as stipulated by ASIC.

HighLow Binary Option

HighLow Binary

HighLow Binary | Joining Bonus

HighLow Bonus

For a limited time, HighLow Binary is also offering a $50 cash back as a sign up bonus. All new traders would be able to claim this bonus in the following manner:

  • Create your HighLow Binary Free account
  • Make your first trade on the HighLow Binary platform
  • Get an instant cash-back valued at $50, win or lose.

The process of claiming your $50 cash back is easy and straightforward as detailed above, and is an excellent opportunity for new traders to binary option to cash in. You’d often be surprised just what a $50 trading deposit can turn to when consistently profitable trades are executed – especially considering the significant return of investment (ROI) offered by HighLow Binary.

Conclusion | HighLow Binary

In conclusion, HighLow Binary offers a significant rate of return on your investment (ROI) with binary option trading on your investment. Trading Binary Option would allow you to grow your capital in a very short time and provide for some incredible returns on investment (as high as 200%).

HighLow Binary is also a fully regulated broker and trading platform that’s super easy to use that is built with beginners in mind. Rest assured you can start to place trades and make decisions easily with all of the data and tools available for free on the platform itself.

HighLow Binary

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