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Marketpotentials - Forex Risk Management E-Book

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About The Author – Raj Khanna

The Author of ‘FOREX – Risk Management‘, Raj Khanna has been trading various forex instruments for the past 8 years. He started trading forex when he was just 19 years old with his small personal fortune of just $500 – only to lose it and swear off trading for a 2 years, before coming back with a vengence to master it. He has successfully made over $785,000 and counting in just over the last 12 months trading.

The author is experienced in trading various forex pairs and in forex binary trades. The author also has extensive knowledge and experience in day-trading stocks and cryptocurrencies garnered over the years.

In short if you’re ever interested to LEARN and PROFIT from Forex Trading this e-book is a MUST READ!

Great System for Forex Beginners

If you are starting with Forex as I did, I would definitely recommend this book to get you going. This book provides a very clear system and markers for trading. I literally started NOT knowing anything about forex to make 2 PROFITABLE trades by the time I was through with it. Absolutely no regrets.
Sally Chen (Singapore)

Plenty of good info, A great start.

I am a beginner to Forex trading. I have not actually started live trading yet. I want to have a solid trading plan before I begin trading.
This book has a lot of good information. Having started with no knowledge of the Forex market, It has given me an understanding of what is involved in trading in Forex.

David Fletcher (Texas,USA)

Excellent book for all forex trading level

This book is invaluable for trading the forex market, regardless of whether or not you choose to use Anna’s system. The information is not only for beginners, great as it is for also that.
Raj is one of the few forex pros that emphasizes the importance of price-volume trading. This is something lacking in much current forex education, and ignoring this aspect of the market can really leave one operating blindly. There are powerful factors affecting price movement from the big players (the international central banks) and one should monitor these closely.

What I really like about Raj’s approach, is while he does employ a small number of technical indicators, they are used more as a confirmation tool and not as a lazy, poor replacement for doing proper analysis and leg work of the markets and currency pairs. Things like comparing each currency on it’s one with the others, and in multiple timeframes.

Also, Raj has a plethora of free, useful trading videos on Youtube and articles on his site. Great book, highly recommended.
Shelly Russond (London, United Kingdom)

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