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About The Author – Raj Khanna

The Author of ‘Cryptocurrency Mastery’Raj Khanna has been working in and around virtual currencies for years now. He has been active in Bitcoin from about 2012 (YES! Way back before it was the talk of town).

The author is both a ‘Buy and Hold’ Investor for cryptocurrencies in the believe that the long term outlook of the instruments hold a very bright future, as well as an astute day trader to capitalise on the price swings of cryptocurrencies. The author also has extensive knowledge and experience in day-trading stocks and forex pairs for over 6 years.

In short if you’re ever interested to LEARN and PROFIT from Cryptocurrencies this e-book is a MUST READ!

Made me a successful crypto trader in no time

When I started reading this book I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what cryptos were about in essence. Yeah sure I read about it in the papers and about those snotty young kids who made it big in cryptos, but I had no idea that I too could literally be earning hundreds of dollar trading cryptos! Now I trade regularly in cryptos and earn hundres of dollars in profit a month! – Adam K. (NSW, Australia)

Just made my first $128 in profit from trading BTC

Having had absolutely no trading or investing knowledge in cryptos before reading this ebook from Raj Khanna, I was pleasantly suprised when I just booked my very first profit of $128 from trading in Bitcoin (BTC). Raj is also very helpful and shares tips to lend a hand. Thanks again ! – Karen Hui (Singapore)

Profitable trades

I purchased this ebook before making my first bitcoin currency purchase to allow me to gain an understanding of th crypto world. I have to say that I am pleased with the information I have learned and have made a few successful trades on cryptos (Particularly Bitcoin trades) since then. Thank you Raj & Marketpotentials. – Kevin Bohren (Switzerland)
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