Binary Options Singapore | USD 3000 in Profits

Binary Option Singapore

Binary Options Singapore | USD 3000 in Profits

Have you ever thought about how much RETURN your money in your Bank’s savings account is earning you? If you’re in Singapore – chances are your savings in your bank account earns you LESS than 1% per annum! In fact most Singaporeans earn only 0.005% per annum if the majority of your savings is tied up in your typical POSB Savings Account. (Source :

You might have been led to believe that earning a decent Return on Investment (ROI) on an investment is by no means easy and is risky – hence settling for the paltry 1% to 2% per annum on your savings. The typical believe has always been that the more returns you’d want – the HIGHER the risk you’d have to take on. However in most cases even by taking a SIGNIFICANT amount of risk – the returns you’d earn on your invesment averages maybe 10% to 20% per annum – this would be via typical stock trading, forex trading etc.

Binary Options Singapore | Returns of up to 99% (No kidding!)

Introducing Binary Options for trading – if you’ve never heard of Binary Options as a trading instrument before, you’re not entirely alone. This is a relatively new type of investment – but the returns offered is simply astounding – upto 99% Return on Investment (ROI). If you think about it – the risks involved in Binary Options trading is similar to forex trading or stock trading – however the returns offered FAR EXCEEDS the typical returns one would make from the conventional trading methods such as using stocks or just forex.

The question you’d have to ask yourself is simply this – ‘If I’m already taking risks with forex trading or stocks trading – then why can’t I take on SIMILAR RISKS to earn a SIGNIFICANTLY more income and return on my investment?’

Binary Options Singapore | How to trade Successfully

We recently executed a SUCCESSFUL Binary Options trade where we earned a COOL USD 2999 in NETT PROFITS on an invested capital of USD 3000 (a 99% return on investment) – that is sitting nice, fat and happy in our bank accounts. You can check out the LIVE TRADING video below.

Binary Option trading Singapore : USD 3000 in NETT PROFITS earned in minutes!

The reason we choose to trade in Binary Options are simply the following:

  • The RISK we take on in trading Binary Options is similar to forex or stock trading. We might as well transfer the risk taken to Binary Options trade to earn a SIGNIFICANTLY more return on invested capital
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) makes it almost a no-brainer to pass up. With 99% return on capital – one would be absolutely silly NOT to take advantage of Binary Options trading to grow your capital
  • The time taken to earn the return is relatively short – in fact in most times it’s within MINUTES per trade. Compared to forex or stock trading which can mean carrying an open trade for hours, days or even weeks at a time – all which carries additional costs in brokerage fees.

Binary Options Singapore | Is it safe?

We often get asked this a lot of times. Although binary options trading has at times gotten some bad coverage due to unscrupulous brokers taking advantage of traders and even going under – the concept and idea of trading in Binary Options has always been proven time and again.

The most IMPORTANT factor would be to choose and trade with a reputable broker – which is why we only execute our Binary Options trade with IQ Options – the leader in Binary Options trading around the world with presence in over 100+ countries around the world and millions of traders who trade on the platform daily. IQ Options is also regulated under European Union laws and is overseen by numerous financial watchdogs based in the European Union accordingly (including the United Kingdom and others) – this should definately ease whatever concerns you might have. Also in the past 7 years of us trading on the platform – they have always processed the withdrawals within 24 hours of submitting them, and the funds sitting pretty in our Singapore based bank accounts within 48 hours – which even surpasses the efficiency of some Singapore based stock brokers!

Binary Options Singapore
IQ Options is Registered in the European Union and regulated in various countries in Europe including the United Kingdom under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Binary Options Singapore
IQ Options is also a member of the international Investor Compensation Fund and partakes in the segregation of funds under the financial conduct regulations in the European Union

Check out our IN-DEPTH Review on the IQ Options Award-Winning Trading Platform HERE and why it’s an approved Platform HERE.

Binary Option Singapore | Get started today to earn 99% ROI!

In summary if you’re someone who is looking to maximise your return on investment and especially so if you’re already trading forex or stocks – Binary Options is an instrument you should definitely consider to earn a SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER return on investment on your capital.

If you are totally new to trading – then Binary Option trading is definitely the instrument you should spend the time and effort on to master to grow your capital and generate a significant amount of cash to live the lifestyle of your dreams in no time at all.

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