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So you want to start trading Binary Options and make boatloads of money with Binary Trading in Malaysia? Well you certainly are at the RIGHT place, with years of trading experience and knowing the ins and outs of trading Binary Options PROFITABLY – we’ve listed out some of the biggest things you should know before you get started trading Binary Options in Malaysia.

Binary Option Trading Malaysia | Understanding Binary Options

Let’s get started by understanding exactly what is Binary Options trading. Binary Options Trading basically means getting the DIRECTION of the price of an underlying asset right. Underlying assets can be anything from forex pairs, stocks, commodities or even cryptocurrencies

What’d you’d have to do in Binary Options trading is basically place a ‘bet’ that the underlying asset will either DEPRECIATE or APPRECIATE in a given TIME period. These time periods can be as short as 30-seconds to a couple of minutes long – depending on what you’re looking for. 

Trading in Binary Options will reward you up-to 99 % Return on Invesment (ROI) per succesful trade – which is TOTALLY OUT OF THIS WORLD – when it comes to return rates. I mean think about it – a USD 1000 position will give you a return of USD 999 in as short as 30-seconds! If that won’t make you rich – well I guess nothing would! You are literally doubling your money with each successful trade.

Check out these LIVE Trading Videos where we literally start trading with an initial deposit of USD 10 and turn it to USD 93.80 (a return of over 900% on the capital invested) HERE

Binary Options Trading Malaysia | What you MUST Know

Now there are a couple of things you should know before getting started with Binary Option in Malaysia, and we’ve listed them down for you to check out.

  • Choose a REPUTABLE Broker – Now this will be SINGLE factor that will determine whether or not you’re going to be PROFITABLE in Binary Option trading. Having traded Binary Options over 8 years and dealing with multiple brokers – our TOP PICK without a doubt is the IQ OPTIONS. You can check out the FULL REVIEW of IQ Options HERE. In short IQ OPTION is a fully REGULATED Binary Option broker in the European Union (EU) and is one of the oldest broker involved in offering Binary Options trading. It also features one of the most attractive platforms for trading Binary Options and charges low commissions per trade executed in the market.
  • Always start trading with an amount you can AFFORD to LOSE – Now there are NO two ways about this. When you first start with Binary Options trading – you will make MISTAKES – anyone who says otherwise is basically lying to your face. With IQ OPTIONS you can trade from as low as USD 1 per trade or just over RM 4! Once you get the basics right and understand what exactly you’re doing – go ahead and bump that up just as we do in our trading videos – earning over USD 1000 (or over RM 4000) in profit PER TRADE. Yes, that’s pretty much your average Malaysian monthly salary in PROFIT earned per trade! Why do you think we are in this Business? 😛
  • Know yourself. In trading often the difference lies in the trader rather that the instrument. As such it is critical that you understand yourself and hwo you react under stress. Learn to manage your expectations clearly and understand your emotions. Trading Binary Options is NOT a GET RICH QUICK method – but a means of trading consistently and profitably with Binary Options will easily double or triple your wealth in no time at all.
Binary Option Malaysia

Binary Options Malaysia | Deposits & Withdrawals

Binary Option Malaysia
IQ Option Deposit options for Malaysian traders

One of the main reasons we highly recommend IQ OPTIONS as the Number #1 choice for traders based in Malaysia is simply for the ease of which deposits and withdrawals can be done on the platform. Deposits can be made via Bank transfer from your CIMB, Maybank, RHB, Public Bank, RHB, Hong Leong bank amongst others instantly. Other than that you could also opt to deposit money into your trading account with your credit card (Mastercard/Visa) or via various e-wallets supported such as Skrill or Neteller.

Withdrawals from the IQ OPTIONS platform is processed within 24 hours and is available in your bank accounts typically within 3 to 5 working days thereafter. All of which means it’s simply a perfect fit for Malaysian traders and offers your the peace of mind knowing that your money is safe and is kept with a reputable trader and broker.

Binary Option Malaysia | Getting Started

Now that you know a little about Binary Option in Malaysia and are ready to get started – SIGN UP for your FREE IQ Options Account HERE and get your trading account setup easily in no time at all and start earning a SIGNIFICANT passive income by trading Binary Options succesfully starting this year 2020.

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How to start trading Binary Option in Malaysia? | Binary Options Malaysia
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How to start trading Binary Option in Malaysia? | Binary Options Malaysia
Find out how you can start trading Binary Option in Malaysia profitably and earn upwards of USD 1000 in PROFIT per trade only from Marketpotentials.com
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