Binary Option Trading Malaysia | Start Trading Today!

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Binary Option Trading Malaysia | Start Trading Today!

Binary Option trading from Malaysia is a type of trading instruments that Malaysians too could participate and earn some very impressive over 80% ROI (Return on Investment) on your investment.

IQ option Malaysia

The current exchange rate of the USD to the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is approximately RM 4.26 to USD 1 (as of June 2020). Trading Binary Options would also mean that you can easily start to earn USD in profit from your trading activities and convert it into Malaysian Ringgit – earning you a significant amount of money!

In this comprehensive article, we feature this article on Binary Options Trading  in Malaysia that you can read and help you trade starting today. You will learn all of the following:

  • The best brokers suited for Malaysians to trade with
  • About Malaysian rules and laws when it comes to trading
  • Trusted, proven and regulated brokers you can trust
  • Deposit and withdrawal method available to you as a trader from Malaysia

binary options malaysia

What is Binary Options?

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If you’re a trader from Malaysia and have never heard of binary options trading before, don’t worry, we’d explain it to you in this detailed ‘Binary Options Guide for Malaysians’ in a quick and easy manner for you to get started.

Now binary options essentially means you’re trading on an underlying instrument. The underlying instrument can be anything from forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities etc. In binary option trading, you’re predicting the movement of the underlying asset. In other words, you are trading on whether the underlying asset would go up or down in value in a fixed time duration.

The good thing in binary option is that you can trade with a very short time interval of trades. This can be as short as 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or longer. This means that you stand to make over 80% of profit on your trades in less than a minute and you could literally double your money and profit in a matter of minutes.

This is one of the reasons why a number of traders have even switched to binary option trading from forex trading in recent times, as it significantly boasts higher return on investment (ROI) per trade as well as you can actually close and pocket a profit in a very very short time compared to forex trading.

Binary Options Trading in Malaysia

At the moment of writing this article, there are no Malaysian based binary option brokers. However thanks to the Internet and the modern day we live in, you can still access reputable and proven binary option trading brokers worldwide from Malaysia, using just a computer or a smartphone mobile app.

One of the leading brokers offering binary option trading in the world today is IQ Option.

IQ Option is a registered and authorised binary option broker that is available across 200+ countries worldwide and features a cutting edge, secure trading platform that makes it very easy for beginners to learn and start trading binary option instruments. IQ Option offers various types of trading instruments such as forex, cryptocurrency, binary options, commodities and many more!

For another feature piece we did recently about trading Binary Options from Malaysia check out this article. 

binary options malaysia

Why IQ Option? | Binary Option Trading Malaysia

There are a number of reasons why IQ Option should be your preferred choice of broker especially if you’re training based from Malaysia. Here are the key reasons you’d want to consider before registering with a binary option broker in Malaysia.

Proven, Regulated Binary Option Broker

IQ Options is one of the largest and oldest binary option brokers in the world, with a presence across 200+ countries and over 40+million traders who use the platform regularly. This makes IQ Option the perfect choice if you’re trading from the beautiful country of Malaysia.

In addition, IQ Option is also fully regulated and complies with European Union (EU) financial, trading and securities laws and regulations. This is amongst the reason why when you register first with IQ Option as trader, you’d be required to undergo a quick verification process with your National ID (Identity Card for Malaysians) and bank details before you can start trading on the platform.

IQ Options is regulated by CySec (Cyprus Securities an Exchange Commission) as well as numerous other financial authorities around Europe and the world – ensuring that the security of your deposits and trading account is always guaranteed.

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In recent times, a number of traders around the world have lost their money to unscrupulous brokers who are not even authorised to offer binary option trading instruments, and have subsequently lost their hard earned deposits, you’d be smart to avoid the same and only deal with regulated and authorised binary option brokers with a proven and solid backing such as IQ Options in Malaysia.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Malaysians

The problem with dealing with overseas based brokers has often involved the difficulty in making deposits and withdrawals accordingly. This is because often, your deposits and withdrawals would be subjected to various charges due to international fund transfers which can range from 5% of the sum and even run to thousands of ringgits over a few months if you’re a regular trader.

To avoid this, IQ Option actually offers direct transfers from your Malaysian bank accounts! That’s right, it’s the only binary option broker that offers this choice for Malaysian based brokers. So you can literally fund your trading account in an instant with your local bank account such as Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Hong Leong bank and various others.

In addition you can also fund your IQ Option trading account with a credit or debit card or use various electronic transfer methods such as Skrill, WeChat Pay etc.

IQ Option Deposit Malaysia

In addition your withdrawals are also available much faster and are transferred directly to your Malaysian bank account. Withdrawals are typically processed in just 24 hours and made available in your bank account approximately 3 working days thereafter – which is a great option if you’re looking to start binary option trading from Malaysia.

The presence and support of Malaysian local bank partners is a great opportunity for Malaysian based traders to start Binary Options Trading from Malaysia.

Huge Variety of Binary Options and other Instruments to trade for Malaysians

IQ Option offers a large number of instruments that you can trade with easily from Malaysia. This includes binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities and others. You can check out some of them below:

Binary Option Malaysia

binary options malaysia

Binary Option Regulations in Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) does not specifically have any laws or regulations prohibiting binary option trading. The absence of any local based binary option brokers also negates this. However for your ease of mind as pointed out earlier, IQ Options is fully regulated in the European Union (EU) and operates under the stipulated rules and regulations of each country (for example in Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc) it offers its services in.

In addition the support of local Malaysian banks who can help you fund your trading account easily and without any additional charges also makes it very attractive for you as a Malaysian based trader to consider trading binary options with IQ Options.

Hence you rest assured that Binary Option Trading from Malaysia using our preferred broker IQ Options is your best bet to start with to trade safely and profitably from Malaysia.

For a comprehensive IQ Option Review you can check out this article here.

Binary Option Trading Malaysia Video Tutorial

If you’re interested to learn binary option trading with free tutorials, then check out our Youtube Channel Here. Do consider subscribing for more new trading tutorials that are released from time to time. Below we have a binary option trading video in which we made over USD trading Binary Options whilst we were on a trip to Malaysia recently.

binary options malaysia

Minimum Deposit Amount for Binary Options Trading in Malaysia

Starting Binary Option Trading Malaysia with IQ Options enables full and complete trading access to Malaysian with just a small deposit of USD 10 (or approx RM 42). Each individual trade amount could be as low as USD 1 (or approx RM 4.20). This enables you as a new trader to start small and build your strategies and techniques before committing a larger amount of money.

The incredibly affordably deposit amounts is also why IQ Options is growing fast to be come the top preferred choice of binary options trading for Malaysians.

The availability of a complete and fully comprehensive Demo account that’s available for you to start with as soon as you sign up in addition gives you the confidence and practice before you start to do Binary Option Trading from Malaysia in real life as well. So go ahead and claim you free demo account with IQ Options Malaysia by clicking the link below.

Conclusion | Binary Options Trading Malaysia

In conclusion it is very easy for someone in Malaysia to get started with Binary Options Trading Malaysia in a manner that is easy, convenient and safe starting today. As mentioned profitable Binary Options trading would enable you to grow your wealth by leaps and bounds with its super attractive payouts (of over 80% to 95% profit), and generally easy to understand trading strategies as well.

So start building your wealth and generating some pretty impressive returns by starting your journey in Binary Options trading from Malaysia starting today by simply clicking below to get started!

binary options malaysia

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