3 Reasons to Trade Binary Options in 2020

3 Reasons to Trade

3 Reasons to Trade Binary Options in 2020

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We present to you ‘3 Reasons why you should be trading Binary Options in 2020′. So if you’re looking to earn a sizeable income by trading on the side to supplement your income in the year 2020, then trading Binary Options is something you should consider doing. With returns of over 80% or more on most trades, trading Binary Options profitably is something that could instantly grow your wealth and take your financial standing to a much greater heights in no time at all. I mean seriously, what other instrument of trading or investment out there pays as much as 80% or more Return on Investment (ROI) in 30 seconds!

Keep reading to find out what are the top 3 reasons you should consider trading Binary Options to grow your wealth in the year 2020, especially with the advent of the global pandemic that has taken over most countries and resulted in a loss of job and income for most of the world’s population.

What is Binary Options?

what is binary option trading

Now if your’e wondering what is Binary Options? Let us tell you exactly what it means and how you could be trading them in the next 15 minutes.

Binary Options is a financial trading instrument that depends on the outcome of a “yes or no”proposition, hence the name “binary.” 

In the Binary Options trading that we’d be discussing in this article, we would be based on an underlying instrument. The underlying instrument could be nay sort of forex, stock, commodity etc. Forex Binary Options is the simplest and most widely traded form of Binary Options trading.

In forex binary options trading, using for example the USD/CAD forex pair, the outcome of the trade depends on the movement of the USD/CAD forex pair’s chart.

trade binary options MalaysiaKEY TAKEAWAYS

  • Binary options depend on the outcome of a “yes or no” proposition.
  • Traders receive a payout if the binary option expires in the money and incur a loss if it expires out of the money.
  • Binary options set a fixed payout and loss amount.
  • Binary options don’t allow traders to take a position in the underlying security.

Why trade Binary Options?

trade binary options

Binary options trading is similar in many ways to forex trading. However the key difference is that they are a lot more simplified in nature and use compared to conventional forex trading.

trade binary options Malaysia

Fixed High Returns 

In forex trading, a trader typically has to decide upon an entry and exit point which will vary in time and prices. Hence a trade could opt to buy lower and sell higher or sell (short) the price at a higher point and buy (cover) the purchase at a lower price and pocketing the difference. A forex trade as such is entirely variable in returns, depending on when and what you’re trading. Returns could be as low as 0.5% or as high as 40% or anything in between – it’s literally anyone’s guess. Of course one could also end up losing the trade in forex trading too.

In Binary Options trading however, the returns are fixed. They typically start at around 60% and upwards. That’s right typically a MINIMUM of a 60% ROI (Return on Investment) is possible with Binary Options trading.

Ease of Trading

In forex trading, a trader does need some experience and knowledge in knowing how to time the trade, the instruments been used as well as the technical aspects of it. Also a trader has to know how long to keep a trade open, when to cut losses and when to cash in.

All of this obviously means that forex trading may not be for everyone due to the higher gradient to learn to trade profitably.

In binary options trading however, the nature of trading is a lot easier. A trader simply has to know when to make a a decision to forecast whether the chart would end up being higher r lower in 30 seconds. In other words, a trader simply has to select HIGHER or LOWER based on the chart. Everything else is already fixed, the expiration line, the time of trade etc. Hence if a trader gets his decision right, then he has a 50% chance of getting the payout – which can be as high as 95% ROI (Return on Investment) if done correctly.

Check out this article that teaches how you can start trading Binary Options profitably.

Trading Duration

In forex trading, as the movement of the chart is entirely unpredictable, a trader could have an open forex position for hours or even days. Some more established traders even have open positions for weeks on end. Of course holding a forex trade open for days means that you’d also be paying significantly higher commissions on each trade.

Trying forex also needs a trader’s attentiveness on the trade as anything could happen. Although platforms like IQ Option do allow trader to set pre-established stop-losses, a trader still does need to constantly monitor his/her trade throughout the time it’s open – hours on end.

However with binary option trading, the trade duration is merely 30 seconds long (shortest selection). Hence a trader is able to give his undivided attention and time to get the trade working in his/her direction. At the end of the expiration line – the trade ends and there is no further monitoring or constant worrying about to do.

Conclusion | Trade Binary Options

Binary Option trading offers traders who are new to the scene of trading a fast and quick way of getting started trading and start earning some impressive returns – if done right.

Of course you’d still have to know or at least understand some form of basic technical analysis to be able to make profitable returns, but generally the learning curve is a much easier compared to forex trading and it sure does generate some spectacular returns too from doing so. We hope that the above article has provided some pretty stellar reasons to why you should trade binary options in year 2020 to grow your wealth to much greater heights.

Join traders from around the world – Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and many others to start trading Binary Options profitably starting today! Simply click on the link below to get started off with your free trading account.

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